Facilitate robotics and automation technology adoption

We aim to ensure that:

  1. Australian industry remains globally competitive and connected, as a leader in the international automation supply chain; and
  2. Australian people develop high-tech skills that will be in demand globally; and
  3. Australia’s unique domestic technology requirements are satisfied.


Promote the social benefits of robotics

Spread knowledge of the several benefits of robotics and autonomation:

  1. Assist the Australian workforce (increase safety and productivity); and
  2. Advance the Australian economy (increase diversity and business opportunities); and
  3. Address Australia’s challenges (resource limitations and environmental sustainability).
Facilitate the creation of robotic and automation technology in Australia

By joining forces via our alliance, we aim to:

  1. Connect our diverse talent, knowledge and resources, of industry, government and academia; and
  2. Unify and expanding government and industry support and uptake for Australian robotics and automation research; and
  3. Enhance the capability and capacity of the domestic ecosystem to support this technology.