Robotics Roadmap

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision has partnered with industry, researchers and government agencies across the country to develop a roadmap which describes where we are, where we want to be and the options for getting there. (Dr Sue Keay, Roadmap Chair)

Australia’s first Robotics Roadmap is a guide to how Australia can harness the benefits of a new robot economy. Building on Australia’s strengths in robot talent and technologies in niche application areas, the roadmap acts as a guide to how Australia can support a vibrant robotics industry that supports automation across all sectors of the Australian economy.

Australia has a unique opportunity to take advantage of our human talents and unique environment to transition to a robot-ready economy while retraining and upskilling its workforce. This requires the collaborative, multi-sector approach outlined in this Robotics Roadmap summary.

This roadmap shows a pathway to the future we envision for Australia. A future where:

  • Robots do the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks not suited to human beings;
  • Robots solve many of the world’s most pressing challenges such as war, famine, natural disasters and environmental damage;
  • Robots help humans unlock potential and explore the furthest reaches of our universe.

This is a future where a prosperous Australia embraces a robot economy and builds national health, well-being and sustainability despite the challenges of our vast and remote geography.


The key recommendations listed in the Robotics Roadmap summary are:

  • INDUSTRY – Ensure Australia’s ongoing prosperity by stimulating formation of new hi-tech firms, encouraging global tech giants to invest in Australia, and reskilling Australian workers.
  • EDUCATION – Equip all Australians with Industry 4.0 relevant skills.
  • GOVERNMENT – Lead the region in catalysing robotics activity by setting ethical, legal, regulatory and standards frameworks, adopting robotics in government services.
  • R&D – Develop clusters of robotics activity, encourage VC investment, develop pathways to commercialisation and encourage application of the social sciences.
  • CULTURE – Support an entrepreneurial culture around Australia’s niche robotics capability and harness the nation’s imagination through aspirational goals solving Australian challenges.

Some facts about Robotics in Australia:

  • Australia was the first country in the world to automate its ports.
  • Australian companies are using robots in manufacturing to reshore jobs back to Australia.
  • Australian minesites already deploy self-driving haulage vehicles that transport tonnes of material each day.
  • Australian scientists are developing flying and underwater robots to protect the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Australia won the Amazon Robotics Challenge in 2017, demonstrating our strength in robotic vision applied to logistics.
  • Australian group CanberraUAV are major contributors to the ArduPilot autopilot system used in UAVs all over the world.
  • The opportunity: a $AU23 billion global market for robotics and autonomous systems by 2025.

The Australian robotics industry is diverse, with more than 1,100 companies. The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision conservatively estimates that these companies benefit the Australian economy by employing almost 50,000 people and generating revenue of $12 billion.

The Robotics Roadmap for Australia was launched on Monday 18th June 2018 at 12pm AEST at Parliament House, Canberra. There are three versions of the document: a 4 page quick reference summary, a medium version (32 pages) and the full version (212 pages). For more information, please contact Dr Sue Keay via and Sandy Holmes via